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An unexpected surprise in a culinary desert that is the mid southern beaches. Nice pizzas, OK tapas (hey, it's no Movida let's be fair). Was rapt when I found they had home delivery. Home delivery has been hit and miss. First couple of times, quick, hot, no worries. Last 3 times... literally watched the driver drive around the block or had to chase him into the wrong block, over an hour for delivery, pizza was warm and soggy... Let's see how tonight goes.
When I order&pay for extras I expect to get them !No avocado on last nights pizza!This is not the first time ! The pizza was over cooked. Very little pumpkin in the salad.
Perfect as always
Great Pizza but that wasn't Tiramisu.
We had half and half pizza (capriosca and hot & spicy) & mushrrooms with ricotta. both were delicious. Wait was a half hour over the estimate (why only giving a 4) but it was sunday night and definitely worth the wait
The quality of the food is excellent although I think much of it is overpriced. If you buy when there are discounts, it's much better value for money. Be careful - one of their drivers demands a tip. If the meal is $27 and you hand him $50, he will only offer $20 in change. It's only a couple of dollars but it adds to an already expensive bill.
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